An international Nondenominational religious, Faith-Based and Charitable Non Governmental Organization, and Non Profit Organization dedicated to the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the furnishing of various forms of assistance, spiritual, medical, material, etc to persons, groups, and communities in need of such aid.
Calvary Reunion Assembly was founded June 2, 2006 A.D. in Lagos, Nigeria by the Calvary Ministers, Charles R. Jacobs JP, and Aderonke K. Jacobs JP, as co-founder.

Calvary Reunion Assembly was originally founded as gospel Medical Missionary and Christian Evangelism Help Network, with the aim of carrying on biblical evangelical and social welfare works by ministering to the poor, oppressed,suffering and needy, coupled with humanitarian services among the inhabitants of hospitals across Nigeria in particular and the African communities in general.

This later translated and transformed into dynamic Spirit-filled Assemblies and the HolyGhost fire is spreading and catching on day by day, and by the grace of God, we are positively touching, impacting  and transforming lives and destinies, and winning souls for Christ Jesus round the globe to fulfill the mandates of God for humanity.

Membership is open to well meaning and passionate individuals, groups, organizations, corporations, nations, etc having passion, sacred trust and compassion to reach- out, to the poor, needy, less privileged individuals, groups, and communities, around the globe, with their God given talents, skills, gifts, knowledge, materials, time and funds, and coupled with meeting the spiritual needs of humanity in general across the globe by our ministry partner volunteers through prayers, the crux of our mandates to fulfill the Great Commission.