Natural Age Grade Network (NAN).

(a) Living Stones Network 70+ years. (Christian Elder Statespersons).
(b) Life Pilgrims Network 60-69 years. (Senior Citizens).
(c) Kingdom Pillars Network 51-59 years. (Presbyters).
(d) Wise Men Network max.50 years (Married).
(e) Virtuous Women Network max.50 years (Married).
(f) Deborah Judah Network 40-49 Years (Combined Unmarried).
(g) Highly Favoured Network 31-39 Years. (Ladies Unmarried)
(h) Royal Priests Network 31-39 Years.  (Men Unmarried).
(i) Ruth Boaz Network 26-30 Years. (Experience).
(j) Christ Ambassadors Network 20-25 Years.  (Fresh)
(k) Esther Joseph Network 13-19 Years (Teenagers).
(l) God’s Heritage Network 4-12 Years.  (Children).
(m) Abraham’s Seed Network O-3 Years. (Toddlers/Creche).

Christian Education Network(CEN).
(a) Home Cell Fellowship Network - Cell Study Group.
(b) Sunday School Network –Search The Scriptures.
(c) Christian Foundation Network –Foundation Bible Class.
(d) Christian Stewardship Network –Intermediate Bible Class.
(e) Christian Maturity Network –Advanced Bible Class.
(f) Campus Reunion Network –Students’ Congress.
(g) Salt Academy Network –Somepal School of Ministry.
(h) Calvary Theological Seminary –Bible And Leadership Institute.

Ministerial Life Network (MLN).
(a) Sweet Psalmists Network – Praise & Worship Team,  Instrumentalist, Singers, Choristers, etc.
(b) Prayer Veterans Network –Watchman Intercessors
(c) Living Bridges Network –Ushers, Protocols
(d) David’s Army Network –Gaurds, Securities, Brigades
(e) Medical Missionary Network –Health Professionals, Medicals and Para-Medics
(f) Christian Welfare Network –For Homes, Schools
(g) Chariot Transportation Network – Automobiles, Tractors and Equip
(h) Christian Counselling Network –Evangelism,  Tracts and Publications, etc
(i) Foreign Mission Network – Church Planting, International Out Reaches and Conferences
(j) Marriage Counselling  Network – Workshops, Trainings, Reconciliations
(k) Prisoners Of Jesus Network –Stations, Prisons, Detainees and Deportees
(l) Godtube Media Network – Radio, Television, Internet Podcast and Satelite

Financial Empowerment Network (FEN).
(a) Young Presidents’ Network – Global Businessmen Fellowship.
(b) Uncommon Wisdom Network – Pearls Of Wisdom Seminars.
(c) 12 Tribes Of Israel Network – Covenant Partners
(d) Light Bearers Network – Events (Gardens and Vaults )
(e) Gold Silver Network –Microcredit Development Scheme & Cooperatives.
(f) Realtor Projects Network – Real Estate, Hotels and Guest Houses, Investments
(g) Jesus Friends’ Network –Spiritual sons and daughters, ministries leaders.
(h) Reunion Soccer Network –Football Soccer Legend, Track and Field events, Sports, Games, etc.