(a) To live the core values and principles of the Holy Bible.
(b) To fulfill God’s plan and purpose.
(c) To always walk in holiness with the Lord.
(d) To transform godly dream to glorious reality.
(e) To reign and rule with God in heaven. So shall it be.

(a) To re-unite people with Jesus Christ.
(b) To speedily spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations.

Aim and Objective:
(a) To evangelize the world in the name of Jesus Christ and to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.
(b) To convert the heathen and pagan to the christian faith and to establish assemblies and missions through out the world.
(c) To found and endow schools, hostels, orphanages, sanatoria, halls & hallways, gardens and vaults, and to work for the unity of the christian churches in Africa and beyond.
(d)To establish a fund for the proper execution of the objects and to provide facilities for education, moral, and spiritual training of her members and workers.
(e) To preach and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by means of open air services, crusades, meetings, sacred songs consistent with God’s laws and ordinances.
(f) To provide and promote unity among christians, organize Bible studies, systematic and expository Bible teachings, seminars, conferences, conventions, retreats, pilgrimages to Israel and other biblical tour sites, workshops, revival crusades, outreaches and any other Godly programmes.
(g) To facilitate the deep understanding, knowledge and learning of the Holy Bible via radiovision, television, and satelite podcast broadcasting.
(h) To publish or cause to be published at any time and place christian literature both manual and electronic, tracts , magazines, handbooks, bulletins, periodicals, circulars, books and related materials to make people aware of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the doctrines or fundamental statements of faith of Calvary Reunion Assembly as elucidated in the Holy Bible.