CRA Israel Elders: Senior Citizens, Big Dads' & Moms' of ages above 50 years



CRA Wise Men: Married men and fathers of all ages and nationalities under 50 years.



CRA Virtuous Women: Married women and single mothers of all ages and nationalities under 50years.


CRA Eagle Youth: Superb royal and golden Eagle single brethren ‎of ages 20-30 years.



CRA Young Adults: Vibrant energy Teenagers of ages 13-19 years.



CRA Promise Children: Kids and heritage of God of ages 2-12 years.



CRA Infants: Babies ‎of ages 2 Months and above having fun in their Creche or Childcare Centre with modern amenities.



CRA Sweet Psalmist: Music,Arts,Drama,Dancing and Instrumental.