BANNER: I Have Put My Hope In Your WORD. Psalm 119:114 NIV
1. God says: He will give supernatural solutions to problems as long as the righteous maintains steadfast hope in Him.
2. God says: 2021 is a significant year to positive winds of change, provided the righteous is having an unshakeable hope in Him, and the reverse for the wicked.
3. God declares: Consistent fasting and prayer, worship and hope of rejoicing in Him by the righteous will attract uncommon spiritual transformation.
4. Some manners of crookedness, bad morals and pride will be displayed by a few spiritual and  political leaders, and traditional rulers. Do not lose your confession of hope and trust in God, says LORD God.
5. Good stronger together, upright teamwork, unity and transparent leadership will be rewarded by God Almighty in 2021, declares Sovereign God.
6. God says: Supernatural freedom, deliverance and open doors He will release globally, for the oppressed that will have trust and living hope in Him.
7. New ministries, businesses and ideas will come up in 2021. A kind caution to the established ministries leaders not to have their feet on government financial banana peels, declares LORD God.
8. God says: Churches and their leaders will face persecutions globally, most especially in Nigeria. However, good will triumph over evil.
9. God declares: His light will shine over darkness across African Nations, provided there is confession of hope in Him.
10. God says: He will restore hope to individuals, families, churches and nations, provided there is faith, trust and hope in Christ.
11. God declares: His judgement day awaits the wicked, but eternal hope for the righteous.
12. Hidden prayer intercessors, watchmen and women of secure hope will be rewarded openly in their pasturelands, says Sovereign LORD.
Charles R. Jacobs
CRA Senior Pastor.
December 31, 2020.