1. God says: Year 2018 is the year to pursue, overtake and recover all without fail, all things.
2. Year 2018 is a great year of victory for devoted Christians, and defeat for others.
3. God says: He will raise-up uncommon Deliverer that will follow the path of victory for the Nation
4. God says: Oppression, humiliation, harassment and distress will be common across the Nation, especially by the Leaders and Ruling class.
5. God says: Regional crises will threaten the peace of the Nation. So Christians must fast and pray to avert war in the Nation.
6. God says: Mighty men will leave the stage across the Nation.
7. God-Factor and His outstretch hand will come to play in the political Arena of the Nation in 2018.
8. God says: Good will triumph over Evil as Christians fast and pray and live holy lifestyle.
9. Age-long afflictions and infirmities will receive divine healing of God Almighty.
10. Year 2018 is the year of Salvation, Restoration and Restitution says the Lord.

Leading Minister
December 31, 2017